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Multi-bank ATMs in 7-Eleven

I've previously spotted these multi-bank ATMs being installed in our neighborhood 7-Eleven in Quezon City but I haven't really paid them any mind since of the 3 banks listed, I only have an account with just one: BDO. I also didn't have any difficulty finding a BDO ATM wherever I am in Metro Manila. I could think of at least 4 BDO ATMs within walking distance from my house. 

In recent times, I have temporarily moved to my hometown in Iloilo to be with my mother. I have since learned to appreciate the existence of these ATMs from the point of view of somebody who is routinely being asked to collect my mother's pension in Landbank. Before these machines were installed at the nearby 7-Eleven just outside of our Subdivision main gate, I had to either go to the Iloilo City downtown proper or to the plaza in Jaro just so I could avoid the withdrawal fees when using other bank's ATM machines. 

While this may not seem like a significant issue for many people, for individuals with specific circumstances like mine, these multi-bank ATMs can be a true blessing. They provide us with the convenience of withdrawing cash without incurring additional fees, making our lives much easier.

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