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Transitioning from Employee SSS contributor to Voluntary member and a step by step guide for paying VM contribution using Security Bank online banking

I have been unemployed for a while now and one of the things that I wanted to do is to continue my SSS (The Philippines' Social Security System) contribution. Even if you have decided to retire early or go into self-employment (start a small business) there are still some advantages to maintaining your monthly contribution. If you have managed to contribute 120 monthly contributions or more after retirement age then you are entitled to avail of the SSS pension and other benefits detailed in the SSS website. The pension calculation includes a term of the number of years contribution in excess of 10 years so the longer you contribute the more you will get for your lifetime pension. Although as a voluntary member you have the choice to choose the declared monthly salary credit according to the schedule of contribution, I have opted to maintain the level of contribution from when I was still employed (this number is also a term in the pension calculation). Before I can pay as a voluntary member, I needed to change my membership profile from Employee to Voluntary Member (VM). Fortunately, transitioning from an employee type of member to a voluntary member is straightforward. All I did was make a contribution using my existing SSS number but indicating that I am paying as a VM.

As an added convenience, you can also opt to pay for your contributions online. It used to be easier and I have set it up as a recurring payment t my bank, but lately, SSS has implemented a Payment Reference Number (PRN) that needs to be generated from their website and used as a reference number in the online banking payment (this PRN is unique so you will need to do this every time). Good thing you have the option to pay every quarter so you don't have to do this too often.

The first thing you have to do is to register at the SSS website if you have not already done so. One of my complaints about the SSS website is that the online forms only work properly with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browser. That may not seem to be a big inconvenience for some but for me who mostly works with a Chromebook fr say to day stuff, I had to install the Edge browser for Android to have access to the website. login screen

Login to the SSS website with your credentials and go to the Payment Reference Number. You will see a page with the generated reference number similar to the one shown below. Check whether the time period you want to pay for is correct or if you want to pay for a different payment frequency (I pay mine quarterly) then click on the Edit SOA button to change the details. Make sure the member type is correct. Take note of the PRN, you will need this later when you are paying using online banking.

SSS Page generating the Payment Reference Number
For this specific example, I am using Security Bank online payment facility to pay for my SSS contributions. Login to your Security Bank online banking and click on Payments and Transfers. Select SSS Contributions to the drop-down menu, choose the account you are going to use, enter the Payment Reference Number generated in the SSS website in the Subscriber number, and the total amount to be paid. Upon confirmation of the transaction, you should be getting an acknowledgment in your registered mobile phone of a successful payment.

Security Bank online banking site showing the menus

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