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The new BDO Online mobile app is a mess

With the recent alleged phishing and hacking scams surrounding the online banking space here in the Philippines, a lot of the major banking institutions have gone ahead and released newer versions of their phone banking apps. I'm sure that there are a ton of under-the-hood improvements that were implemented in these newer versions of the app probably in terms of security and stability. 

For the new BDO Online app (which supersedes the older BDO Digital Banking app) in particular,  I think that in terms of usability, this new app has taken several steps backward from its predecessor. Having a clean and intuitive user interface is one thing, but I think that oversimplification of user interfaces that result in loss of functionality is definitely not good. 

The new BDO Online app on the Play Store

What functionalities am I referring to you ask? This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list and only represents the more glaring ones based on a few days of using it (and I can only talk about the Play Store version of the app).

  • - The account aliases are not carried over from the online banking website: The older app mirrors the aliases that you give your accounts. This isn't really much of an issue for those who have a single account, but it becomes annoying if you have several.
  • - Your investment portfolio (specifically the UITF investments) is not accessible: The previous app shows a good summary of your investments right there on the main page. You still need to go to the online banking website to subscribe and redeem but it is great to be able to see the summary at a glance. 
  • - There seems to be a delay in the updating of the balances of the accounts: I have only experienced this once and was fine after I closed and logged back in the app but judging from the numerous low reviews in the Play Store rating section, this seems to be a common issue.

I am still determining when they will be fully retiring the legacy application from the Play Store but I hope they work out the issues on the new app before then. I hope that since this is just one of the earlier iterations of the user interface, they will eventually add more functionality in subsequent releases (although I think that releasing such a subpar app degrades the trust of their customers). As it is now, in my humble opinion, it is almost unusable. 

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